Build your own marketplace!

Let service providers from all over the world join your fantastic marketplace. Define terms, business model and earn money from each booking on your platform! Invite different providers to your marketplace!

Perfect solution for building a marketplace!

Configuration will not take more than 20 minutes!

Marketplace website is ready immidiately after registration!

You have a template of your website immidiately after registration. All you have to do is to customize it a bit by adding providers and their services, domain name and payment methods! You have two types of website layout:

List view

This page layout shows all service providers sorted by category. People can select the desired category, find out some information about the provider and book an appointment.

Search view

This layout is slightly different from what you have seen before. The customer only sees the categories without the names of the service providers.

Just click on the right category and select the most suitable time for your appointment!

The system then shows all the professionals who are available on those dates along with the prices for their services. Now it's a simple way to make a booking.

If customers aren't sure who to choose, they can click on the provider's name and find out some information about them!

Booking widget that you can put on your website!

If you already have a website of your business, you can easily integrate a booking widget into it. It is as simple as copying and pasting a few lines of code.

Invite people to join your marketplace!
Let them join for free

You can invite people to provide their offer completely free of charge, and then make a commission on each booking.

Charge them monthly fee for placing an offer

Alternatively, you can charge a subscription for the ability to list them on your platform.

Limit their access to the system

Invited providers will not have access to the full system! They will see only their bookings and calendars. Nothing more!

Each provider can configure their own unique calendar!

You can set up individual calendars for each service provider! What's more, one person can be attached to several calendars with different types of services!

Working hours and days off

When scheduling work, service providers can specify closed days or holidays, and the system will not allow customers to book anything on those dates.

Slots limit

Remember that you can set the number of possible bookings at the same time. If your company is a one-person business, you can only accept one client at a time. But if you have several people working for you, they can perform the same service for different clients at one time. By creating separate calendars for each employee, you can combine them into one main calendar.

Custom booking data

If you need additional customer information, you can add a new mandatory field to be completed at the time of booking.

Remote services

Providing services online is becoming increasingly popular. Our booking software is ideally suited for this! Customers can use a secure connection with service providers through the video room.

Providers can receive orders in a mobile application!

Make your business more flexible and use our mobile application to process your bookings. You can invite your employees to the system and each of them will receive a unique access code for the mobile app. They will not see all the bookings, but only those of the services that are assigned to their calendar!

Providers can serve clients in-house or come to their place!

There are two options for providing services to customers: at a location designated by the service provider, or one chosen by the customer. You can configure the system to select areas of operation on a map and even define the commute price the customer will pay.

Accept cashless payments from your marketplace

You can accept cashless payments directly from the website to your PayPal or Stripe wallet. This way you have full control over the money that comes from bookings on your platform.

Determine how much service providers will earn from bookings.

Once you have established with your service providers their rates, determine how you want to bill. The money can be accumulated on the platform and only later paid out.

Easy step-by-step setup!

Configure your marketplace in 3 steps!

Create a service offering

Invite service providers to your platform and let them publish their offers.

Configure schedules

Set up individual work schedules for each provider and link them to the services they offer.

Select the billing type

Determine with service providers how much they will earn and how they will be paid.

Check out our demo page!

Try all the features and create your own marketplace website!

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