Build your marketplace

Offer your audience/clients to different products and service suppliers


Full White-label SaaS platform

We're offering you a full platform dedicated to you. Not shared with anyone else!

Invite suppliers

Let suppliers register in your system. They will be able to add their offer to the system.


Invite people to your app

Your offer will be visible in your dedicated mobile app. People simply register in the app and get access to an offer

Swipe for offers

People simply access your offer in a modern way. They can swipe left and right to check the offers. They can share the offer with friends on facebook messanger, whatsapp and mail if they want. The sufisticated filtring system allows them to narrow the offer to the selected items

What clients can do within the app

You decide which one will be available

Access offer

They can click a link and be redirected to your current e-commerce platform


They can click and order products, pay for them with use of one of the providers you select


They can share the offer and be paid a comission if someone buy the recommended products

Suppliers orders management

Inside your system suppliers can track their generated leads, orders or comission.


It's fully White-Labeled

We're offering you a full platform dedicated to you. Not shared with anyone else!

Any language

You can have your platform in any language you require. Our systems are designed to work as a global service

Any currency

Our platform have fully developed billing systems that you can configure and that can work with any currency

Any domain

Our platforms are designed to work under your domain. You decide on which domain you will operate

Any modification

We will modify our system if it's necessery by you to fit your best expectations

Any integration

We will integrate our system with any solution that is required to make your business up and running

Full maintaince

We fully maintain the software for our clients. You don't need to worry about the tech and focus on business